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Adobe ink slide design arhitectura tableta grafica desen ipad Adonit / Sigilat Persoana

acum 7 luni Electronice si electrocasnice Bucharest   108 vizualizari

500 lei

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Locatie: Bucharest
Pret: 500 lei

Adobe ink & slide realizat de Adobe in colaborare cu Adonit

- cu toate etichetele si manualele si tot ce are in pachet

- cablu, carpa de sters, etc

- are folie pe toate produsele, inclusiv pe mufe, e chiar noua, nouta

Pretul de cumparare a fost peste 200euro.


Un produs realizat pentru cei care doresc sa deseneze, sa proiecteze, sa faca schite, pentru arhitecti si designeri, copii, etc, selectie pentru utilizare inclusiv cu mana stanga, penul se coloreaza in partea superioara in functie de cromatica aleasa, tot felul de functii care ar putea sa va ajute pentru schite, desen, etc.

Se foloseste impreuna cu tableta si diferite aplicatii (Adobe Illustrator Draw and Photoshop Sketch).

Daca aveti intrebari, va raspund cu placere. Mai multe pe garagesalero.wordpress.com

Prefer predare personala in Bucuresti. Se poate trimite prin curier 18 lei sau posta romana cu colet asigurat.


For creative professionals, the pen and the ruler are among the most iconic of traditional drawing and writing tools. In their search for ways to bring the character and craft of hand work into digital environments, Adobe partnered with us on its first foray into hardware with Ink and Slide, a cloud-connected stylus and a digital ruler.

Adobe Ink and Slide are creative tools that make sketching and drawing more natural and fluid. Adobe Ink is a fine-tip, pressure-sensitive pen that gives users greater creative control and precision. Adobe Slide is a digital ruler that lets users draw any shape — including straight lines, perfect circles, classic French curves, and more. The set includes an incredibly accurate digital drawing tool that uses Bluetooth LE to stay connected to your devices and features a button that can bring up on-screen menus for selecting different tools and colors, as well as a digital ruler that makes it simple to draw complex shapes.

This comprises a nicely designed active pressure-sensitive stylus (Ink) that integrates with your Creative Cloud account, and a passive ruler (Slide) that replicates two-finger screen contact and calls up a range of drawing templates via a single button. There are currently three free Adobe apps that fully support Ink and Slide -- Line, Sketch and Draw, soon Fresco.